sergio trujillo

Sarah Doe

Work Experience

+ - Freelance Designer
  • Developed several branding solutions for multiple small and medium-sized companies, including: Laureles Hotel, Sicarú Restaurant, Canán Constructions, and Orgánico.
  • Worked on numerous cultural projects and events, such as: Mictlán, El Belén, and The Public Liebrary.
+ - Student Demonstrator / University of Reading
  • Conducted weekly seminars which demonstrated the basic concepts in typeface design, and their relationship to current typographic practice.
  • Committed to extend and share up-to-date knowledge about current font technologies, and general typographic aspects.
  • Provided guidance and feedback on student’s projects and academic performance.
+ - Part-time Teacher / Universidad de las Americas Puebla
  • Responsible for the conception, development, and delivery of daily presentations and workshops for multiple courses including: typography, and editorial design.
  • Focused on enhancing student’s critical thinking, team work, presentation, and problem-solving skills.
+ - Senior Designer / German Montalvo Design Studio
  • Manager of multiple editorial projects for both private and public institutions, including: the Painters Guild of Puebla, the Secretary of Public Education (sep), and the Ministry of Tourism of Guerrero.
  • Other responsibilities included: providing support to clients, managing suppliers, and coordinating with external collaborators.


+ - Ma Typeface Design / University of Reading
  • Winner of the first Michael Twyman bursary award.
  • Designed a multi-script type family for editorial purposes called Satira, which encompassed the Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Tai-Ahom script (complex non-latin writing system used by the rulers of the Indian state of Assam from the 13th century until 1838).
  • Conducted a research project about the typographic implementation of the Tai-Ahom script.
+ - Ma Graphic Branding and Identity / London College of Communication
  • Developed a brand proposal called The Public Liebrary, which functioned as a social experiment where lies could be shared and looked at from a non-judgemental perspective.
  • Explored the planning of brand strategies and propositions based on research and critical thinking.
+ - Ba Information Design / Universidad de las Americas Puebla
  • Conducted a qualitative research to evaluate the formative information and resources within the Information Design programme at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla, Mexico.
  • Obtained formal knowledge of graphic design, information design, photography, semiotics, branding, illustration, and typography.